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Aaron 15

Aaron 15
The Aaron 15 is an innovative loaded horn speaker that can be configured either as bass module only, or as a full range unit. In standard configuration, the unit uses two 15-inch drivers such as Eminence, JBL, Tannoy, Radian, P-Audio, Hempacoustics etc. The top driver can be replaced, using a coax unit. Quality external cross-overs are used. The cabinet structure uses rounded machined slices forming a very solid structure. The horn fires to the rear and utilises wall or corner loading. Painted or part-painted and veneered cabinets can be supplied in a range of colours and wood species. This speaker is designed to provide a powerful and large sound presentation. Two smaller versions are available – the Aaron 12 and Aaron 10. These units may be used to build a world-class Home Theatre application.
  Measurements 40z to 18kHz, 100dB sensitivity    
  Dimensions 1100mm tall, 750mm deep, 580mm wide (back), 420mm wide (front). 80Kg each.    

The Aaron 15 is designed to provide a powerful bass filling to an existing quality system, or as a superb full-range speaker in its own right. The choice of drivers is wide, whether you are using bass-only drivers or full-range co-ax drivers.

The Aaron range of speakers will not disappoint the discerning audio enthusiast.