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The C-Horn is an exotic speaker featuring a carefully rounded horn path to provide a very solid bass. The 25mm acrylic sides show off the internal workings.

Designed for the Lowther range of 8-inch drivers, the compression chamber can be computer altered and machined to match the driver of choice. Feastrex, AER and Fostex drivers can be used.

The internal horn section can be custom finished in any colour, or a range of different hardwoods can be machined to create a wooden sculpture of beauty.

Cardas solid billet terminals are used, along with ultra thin solid-core copper hook-up wire.

The C-Horn stands at an impressive 1.4m tall.

Optional internal lighting can be added to create a special visual appeal.

  Measurements 45z to 18kHz, 96dB sensitivity  
  Dimensions 1400mm tall, 800mm deep, 380mm wide. 70Kg each.  

The C-Horn looks like no other speaker in the world and represents a blend of amazing aesthetics and horn performance.

This speaker is best matched to a SET valve amp or quality Class A solid state amp.