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Carfrae – Little Big Horn





Designed by Jim Carfrae, the Little Big Horn (LBH) is a 2 metre back-loaded Tractrix horn with a powered bass module. The horn unit typically uses Lowther DX4 drivers, although the compression chamber can be modified in length to suit alternate Lowther, Fostex, Coral or similar drivers.

Each bass module uses a Peerless 10-inch XLS driver coupled to a 150-watt D-class amplifier. Auto-on, cross-over and volume controls are standard. RCA and speaker terminals can be used. In standard configuration, the horn terminals and bass amplifier are not connected. Two 60cm length ports are used and open to the rear of the module. The ports are heavily braced internally, and are flanged at both ends.

Both the horn and bass structures are carefully computer machined from MDF. A range of external finishes can be supplied from professional spray painting in polyurethane, veneer or solid hardwood. The upper horn and bass module can be separated using secure brackets mounted inside the bass module.

The compression chamber, speaker mount and decorative legs are all computer machined in hardwood such as Oak.

Cardas solid billet speaker terminals are used for the horn. Braided solid core copper cable is used internally.

  Measurements 50Hz to 20kHz upper horn, 20Hz+ bass module, 105dB sensitivity  
  Dimensions 1300mm tall, 920mm deep, 390mm wide. 90Kg each.  

The Carfrae aims to combine the magic of a full-range quality driver with a powerful bass response as flat as possible down to 20Hz.

Using strict adherence to the expanding Tractrix contour, the horn provides a superbly natural and clean presentation of music. The bass module needs only a small amount of augmentation to seamlessly fill in the lower registers.

The speaker will astound you with its capability, authority and startling physical appearance.