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Lowther - Big Fun



Designed by Ketil Parow, the Big Fun Horn gives a full-range 8-inch driver the best opportunity to excel in a rear-loaded horn cabinet.

The cabinet is designed to be used in the corner of the listening room, which augments the bass considerably.

Each cabinet is computer machined from 32 MDF, with outer panels being finished in either professionally pained MDF, veneered, or in solid 19mm Oak or similar.

  Measurements 40Hz to 18kHz, 96dB sensitivity    
Dimensions 1150mm tall, 885mm deep, 470mm wide. 100Kg each.    

The Big Fun Horn is one of the best cabinets to get the most out of the Lowther, Fostex, Coral or similar drivers. The speakers, while very deep and heavy, do not look imposing (except side on!).

The sound stage presented is very large, and there is a natural and real presentation when coupled with the right driver and amplification. SET 45’s, 2A3’s and 300B’s really work well with this speaker.