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Compound expanding horn launched in 1967, first based on the world-famous Tannoy Autograph enclosure. The cabinet was originally designed for the dual concentric Monitor Gold 15-inch driver, but will accommodate the Monitor Red, Silver and HPD drivers. Alternatively, new drivers from Hempacoustics, P-Audio and Radian can be used.

Each cabinet is computer machined from 32mm MDF. One cabinet alone is made up of 72 individual pieces perfectly aligned using pre-drilled dowel holes and dowels.

Outer panels can be a choice of finishes including professionally painted polyurethane or solid Tasmanian Oak. Other exotic woods can be specified.

Vintage fawn/brown or dark grey/black speaker cloth can be selected.

  Measurements 30Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB, 94dB sensitivity.  
  Dimensions 1170mm tall, 670mm deep, 1020mm wide (max), 600mm wide (front). 100Kg each.   

The GRF Corner Horn is a real power house when it comes to music. There’s no escaping that classic Tannoy big sound, from the nuances of the high frequencies to the thunderous bass….simply wonderful.

The GRF enclosure is a fitting complement to the 15-inch Dual Concentric loudspeaker, when the highest standard of performance is required.