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Petite 8.0


Petite 8.0
Petite 8.0
Petite 8.0

The Petite 8.0 features a full-range 8-inch driver such as Lowther, Fostex or Coral.
The cabinet is machined from 32mm slices of MDF, utilising a carefully rounded horn path to provide a very solid bass. The cabinet weight ensures the speaker performs optimally.
Various finishes can be arranged from professional painting to veneering or solid hardwood finishes in a range of species.

A smaller Petite 6.5 is also available

  Measurements 50z to 18kHz, 96dB sensitivity  
  Dimensions 950mm tall, 500mm deep, 360mm wide. 48Kg each.  

Petite by appearance, but not petite by sound! The name makes some fun of the fact that this little speaker is as solid as a rock, and performs superbly…especially with a quality Lowther driver. Even using a lower cost item such as the world’s most popular full-range 8-inch driver, the Fostex 206E, this speaker performs very well indeed.

Ideal for a small-mid sized listening room, or as part of a Home Theatre set-up.